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  • LS
    Lautaro Silles

    Hola, quería saber por donde va mi envío

  • DF
    Dana L Furjanic

    Designing with Sticker Mule is easy and user friendly. The service is wonderful!

  • KP
    Kelsey Payne

    I received an email a few weeks ago offering a free order of keychains to help provide feedback and some of them arrived broken and others were not aligned correctly so the two sizes of the plastic were not even with one another.

  • liz rodriguez

    First time ordering a shirt and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Great Print, Great Quality of shirt and overall Great and easy to do. Love it !

  • HC
    Hue Linh Chung

    when I received the order, I was disappointed with the size of the logo. I must have made a mistake as to how big the logos would be. Definitely, next order will be carefully checked over before submitting it. Otherwise, it is a very good job well done.