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  • Thank you for replacing them 🫶🏽

    Lucas Alves Bueno

    Best costumer service!! Sticker mule is the best.

  • 1x1

    Shouting Crow

    These are so small but they look so nice. I hand these out as freebies at conventions and people love them! The adjustable backs are my favourite detail.

  • Recommend Sticker Mule!

    Kevin J Wisniewski

    My band button order was completed and mailed in record time! The buttons are high quality and look great! Plus they included a bottle of their Hot Sauce for free! Highly recommend! Thanks Sticker Mule!

  • Great, but pin backs are situated weird

    Coveters Club

    They turned out great, just the backs aren't all even and you'll have to pin them on awkwardly to have the design upright

  • Design not centered and poor quality

    Lucas Alves Bueno

    I love sticker mule for my labels and stickers but i was really disappointed with these buttons :( poor quality design even tho I sent in svg, and it came not centered in the middle

  • Spille eccellenti

    Fede11 Rocchi

    Affidatevi a loro perché lavorano benissimo... puntualità di spedizione e ottima qualità. COMPLIMENTI ☺️

  • 1" Buttons - crimped edges visible and pins are misaligned


    We were waiting to see if the issue was unique to this order, but our second button order had similar issues. The 1" buttons have highly visible crimped edges on almost every item (300 in total). Several of the buttons are misaligned, but luckily our artwork doesn't have any text and these will most likely be used as customer giveaways. For the amount of money we've spent with Sticker Mule on mult...

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    Commande parfaite!

  • My bad

    The Art of Drue

    My bad for not listening to the suggestion made on my proof. The proof looked good, so I ignored the suggestion. But honestly, the design came out so bad that I'm surprised they even went through with production. Ugh. Good thing I only ordered 10.

  • 1" buttons


    Great print quality, they seem very sturdy. Shipping was faster than expected, also. I would recommend them, for sure.