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  • Carmen

    Custom label tape. Is fantastic!!!! I cant wait to try the roll myself. So cute.

  • MB
    Melinda Beasley

    Just received my custom sample of packing tape. I love it! Picture quality is amazing.. Will definitely be buying my rolls of packing tape from stickermule. Thank you so much!

  • JR
    Jerrica “Kitty” Rogers


  • N

    amazing quality

  • DD
    Dashira A. Delgado

    Amazing product. I love it

  • JH
    Jason c Hawks

    Sticker Mule has been the only place where I get stickers.

  • Verona's Wellness

    Thank you such a great job now my packages will have a more professional look

  • KT
    Karen Tovbin

    It's ok. I wasn't feeling this design. Not as cute in person, but for a sample, it's not too bad.

  • Amber Parra

    It couldn’t turn out any better.

  • E

    At this time my business is a startup and I can not afford to have custom shipping boxes made. After ordering a sample of the stickermule shipping tape, I now have a solution.