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  • Dorothea Guillaume

    I wanted to test out the poly-mailer for my brand packaging and I can say I am pleased with the quality. I ordered the special that was on sale. They seem to be very durable, strong and slightly thick compared to the USPS poly-mailer. I definitely will be buying them to ship my products out.

  • Alyssa Kollie

    I am so pleased with how my item turned out! I cant wait to order more products in the future!

  • Sketchy friends

    Really sturdy bags and a nice size too! Really LOVE them

  • Kurrasch Gaming

    I dint think white was the new black they look amazing 👏 😍 thanks guys

  • Matt (SynchroMatt)

    I recently placed an order with StickerMule, and I have to say that they have completely exceeded my expectations. Here's why: Early Delivery: The package arrived way ahead of the estimated delivery date. It's always great when a company under-promises and over-delivers! Generous Quantity: I ordered 10 sample stickers to test the waters, but they sent me triple that amount! This was a pleasant s...

  • Ryan Stout

    High quality printing. Exactly what I pictured for my products. Quick, fast and easy ordering process. Highly recommend!

  • Trade Force Nation

    Samples were almost what hoped for. The color and sharpness were great. But the color alignment was off enough to notice immediately. The second color pass was off. Otherwise, it's great.

  • Dennis Mapp

    Great quality totally satisfied

  • Stephanie Gooseberry

    The poly mailers look amazing. they are expensive to use daily so I will use these poly mailer for customers who order at a special price point or higner

  • Heavenly Beauty Kueen Boutique

    Once again stickermule has impressed me again. I'm definitely coming back soon for stickers