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  • Liane Lee

    They are surprisingly well made, my design is printed on there without any blur and the packaging itself is of really good quality. I think it adds some character to my orders for my customers so I love ordering custom shipping supplies. I have ordered the poly mailers before and theyre also super awesome! I will definitely order these again!

  • Lilizita Monteiro

    Loved seeing my logo in such great quality and on a mailer! It's great quality too! Can't wait to hear what my customers think of it!

  • Emily Blackwood

    I'm an author and I needed bubble mailers to ship signed copies of my books. Not only is the design perfect, but the mailers are also great quality. Will definitely be using in the future!!

  • The Mayor

    These mailers are top notch!!! Perfect size for a quick and easy mail and the print job is second to none!

  • Blueberry Beeton

    These are great little envelopes for shipping product

  • Shelly Rogers

    So this may be bad communication. But when I saw 5x9 I thought that it would be the perfect size. I mail a LOT of books. When I got them however not so much. In hindsight the actual “hole” part is only about 3 in and no book is being mailed in that. Very disappointed because I have a lot of these now that I don’t really know how to use. But the quality is amazing. I love the design.

  • Vincent October

    Unfortunately these are too small to ship cds in , the whole reason I ordered them. 👎

  • Max Duckworth

    These. Are. So. Rad!!!!!!!! Great quality. The perfect thing to level up my branding!! I wish I ordered a bit bigger.

  • Regina Argentin

    I love this company the quality is so good that my customers often comment on it. i mailnly order label stickers, but the custom mailers add a specail touch and they work very well. i am also a big fan of the sales they offer, it's not a measly amount off the regular price and it is always a great way to save and get an aweome product for us small business owners, thank you sticker mule!

  • Carrie Martinez

    I ordered some of these to have for mailing our custom Christmas Ornaments, and this year we wanted to have the bubble mailers be branded. These turned out perfect! We absolutely love them and I think when people receive our ornaments the envelopes will immediately put a smile on their faces, which is what we hope for! :) They placed my artwork perfectly and I couldn't even think of a critique if ...