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  • ZL
    Zach Landeck

    Stickers and service are great as always, but we could all use less politics.

  • Lee Palmer

    Y'all lost me with that email blast you President sent out to all of their customers telling that we should all vote for some orange guy for the next election.

  • DG
    Denise Grimes

    This was suppose to be a very simple print, yet it was printed off center. Had to have them remake the whole thing :-(

  • Tina Marie

    I wish they had a Rewards program, especially with the amount of business I have done with them. However, once again they always deliver! I love this picture, and I love my recent purchase! Exactly what I ordered.

  • DR
    David Reinemann

    I recently deactivated my Sticker Mule work account, and I will not order from your company again. However, spitting venom and demonizing Sticker Mule is anti-productive and a waste of energy. If you are like me and find that the CEO's values (and possibly the company's) beliefs do not align with yours, move on and wish them success. Do not falsely attack their product.

  • AS
    Alana Scott

    Political views should NEVER be shared by a company. The founder should be fired. My business is lost.

  • F19er

    Stickers are good. Not a fan of the owner taking the reins of the Twitter and email accounts and sending out weird pro Trump tweets and emails to all of the customers… Very unprofessional and a questionable business decision.

  • Ec
    Ex sticker mule customer

    I’ve been using y’all for years and recommend you to every band/business I know. Today that ended. Fascism in America isn’t ok, and never will be.

  • Parker B

    Ordered for years, trying to delete my account but there isn't an easy option. Also dude keeps going "we're a hot sauce company" but hot sauce isn't very good. Melindas is way better imo lol

  • Lindsey Rae