How will you modify a complicated transfer sticker design?

Our custom transfer stickers allow for a great level of detail and complexity. However, some complicated designs may require modifications before going to production. Large transfer stickers can handle a greater level of complexity and detail. Smaller stickers (e.g. 76 mm x 76 mm) have less flexibility and often require modifications.

Just as transfer stickers have certain requirements for lettering and typography so does the overall design. Solid parts should be at least 2 mm thick and you should be able to fit a 2 mm circle within the thinnest parts of the design. Similarly, the openings in your design should be large enough to fit a 2 mm circle within the white space.

To create the best product, we may make reasonable modifications to your design before sending you a digital proof. These modifications keep the overall design of your sticker intact but may remove the smallest details.

You can see the process of these modifications in the images below.

If our modifications are at risk of changing your design too extensively, we will contact you by email for your feedback or to send us a different version.

Complex 1

Complex 2

Complex 3