Why did the size of my sticker change during proofing?

Our artists always make sure to maintain the original proportions of your artwork. However, some changes to the dimensions may be necessary during the proofing process to ensure that the proportions are maintained. We always provide a free online proof so you can see how we intend to make your stickers.

For example, if you order this design as a 6" x 6" die cut sticker:

Sticker Mule Logo

At 6" x 6" the design would be severely distorted:


Consequently, our team would adjust the dimensions to be 6" x 1" before sending out the proof:

6x1 Die cut Sticker Mule sticker

Since a 6" x 1" sticker uses less material than a 6" x 6" sticker, we will automatically reduce the price accordingly too. Your proof will list your new dimensions to notify you of any changes:

Exact Size During Proofing

What happens when your size changes.

When your size changes, we indicate the new size and price on the proof approval page. If you're unhappy with the new size or price you can request additional changes to your order during proofing. Changes are not possible after approval since we begin printing immediately to ensure fast turnaround.