Botons personalizados

Botons personalizados, produzidos rapidamente

Faça upload da sua arte e criaremos botons personalizados de alfinete com ela. Os botons são ideais para promover a sua empresa, organização ou evento. Eles são fáceis de usar, distribuir e vender. Com o nosso processo de aprovação de provas, você trabalha diretamente conosco para garantir uma arte e design perfeitos.

Botons personalizados de alta qualidade

Tem algo a dizer? Utilize um boton colorido personalizado. Temos o tamanho e o formato ideais para botons de alfinete utilizados na promoção da sua empresa, candidatura ou causa. Faça o pedido de nossos botons personalizados em segundos e receba provas grátis online, com frete grátis e tempo de produção extremamente rápido. Depois é só distribui-los e espalhar sua mensagem.

Avaliações de botons personalizados

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  • What an idiot!

    Judy Turner

    I loved my squre badeges when they arrived- perfect, just what I ordred, but the oly problem? I uploaded the WRONG logo and thus all 50 badges had to be trashed. MY bad. Not theirs. Th product (as usual) was perfect!

  • Good Pins

    Jazz W

    Not perfect, but still nice and a great deal. I got these made for fun more than anything.

  • Nice Quality

    Jazz W

    The acrylic had some minor imperfections on the edge, but fortunately it didn't take away from the image on the pin. They're cute and they seem well made... I got them as free promotional material to hand out, so they will work for that.

  • cute buttons

    Dio Candle Company

    really love how cute these buttons are! cant wait to use them for the holiday season

  • Good for the price as a giveaway - not as resale

    M T

    So I ordered some pins hoping they'd come in quality enough that I might be able to sell them for a few dollars each but unfortunately they came with very scratched up plastic on the face about 60% of them to the point they'd be pretty unsuitable for resale. Just keep in mind it's basically a print with a thicker plastic face. I'm going to see if I can repair the plastic with a lens repair coat bu...

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