Sticker scaled incorrectly, colors are dark and not legible

Andrew Marino

The actual line quality and fidelity of the sticker is great. However, the scaling of the custom cut decal was entirely off. The scaling of the sticker is very specific, and only really easily generated from a measurement from top to bottom, which was given. That measurement ended up being completely incorrect, by nearly an 1/8th of an inch. The sticker should have been scaled proportionally as well, but the sides of the sticker ended up much shorter than my original art work, that was double and triple checked on my end. The cut of the sticker was less than ideal, but is more forgivable bearing the unique shape of the sticker that presented issues from the jump on a production end. Blues that should have been very vibrant were a dull grey, meanwhile the yellows and oranges in the logo maintained correct vibrancy.