Great stickers but please start packing them consistently

jaclyn Brzezinski

I love these stickers and I highly recommend them. The only thing is when I order 4,000 stickers I need some way of being able to count them when they get to me so I know it is the correct amount and that I am not being shorted. Not saying you guys would do that but I run a business and suppliers accidentally short me all the time so we need to inventory things when they come in. This last time UPS delivered the box damaged and open and the guy marked the box to let us know to check if anything was missing. It was impossible to do this bc of the way you guys are packing the stickers in different amounts and not labeling the quantities. You guys are packing the stickers in different amounts (one package contains 30 and another contains 50 and another contains 55) and not writing on the package how many it contains so it’s impossible to quickly add them up and know if I’ve received the amount that I’ve paid for. They should be consistently packed in quantities of 50 or 100 and marked as such. Again, awesome stickers and we will continue to use you guys just wanted to give my feedback on the packing process. Thanks so much!! :)


Gostou? Pois é fácil encomendar kiss cut stickers no seu próprio estilo personalizado 🙂