Far Better Quality Than expected

TGSD IT Solutions

I found their Ad on a video website... I think Rumble... and I did what I don't normally do... I clicked on the Ad! I saw their sales thing and thought my company could use some stickers of our Logo. I had no real idea what I would use stickers for, but it was late and I had been imbibing (Whiskey)... Don't judge, you've done it.. and the next thing I know, I get an email showing me the new "proof" of my sticker... I thought "How cool"... Well, let's see how good these stickers are. Fast Forward about a week and POOF! Stickers at my door. And they were way better than I expected. I would like it if there was on option to upgrade to an industrial grade sticker that adheres like crazy glue and I would put these on all of my tools and such. But as it stands, I can use them to leave a sort of Company signature of our completed work. I will be ordering these again and likely delving into the realm of t-shirts and other sales nonsense that I don't need. But I would certainly recommend you find the sales Ad somewhere and buy a bigger order than you think you need, because you will kick yourself when you find these stickers to be as good as they are.


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