Etiquetas de higienizador transparentes

Etiquetas de higienizador transparentes

As etiquetas transparentes personalizadas de higienizador são um jeito rápido e fácil de etiquetar frascos de higienizador para as mãos. Cada rolo possui um revestimento de papel de cera que acelera o processo de aplicação. As etiquetas são feitas de vinil transparente, durável e impermeável.

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A seguir: faça upload da arte

Etiquetas de higienizador transparentes
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Frete grátis em 4 dias

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Receba uma prova online

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Cole suas etiquetas com rapidez

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The difference is clear

Choose a size, upload your artwork and we'll send a free proof showing how we intend to make your clear labels. Fast and easy to apply, all of our clear roll labels are waterproof and ideal for labeling your hand sanitizer bottles.

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  • Clear labels for mason jar

    Celeste Gouveia

    Excellent quality! We really like these labels because they stick well and do not fall off after washing. The colors are true to the proof we submitted. Great product!

  • A review.

    Joshua Wright

    I continue to order and the turn around and customer service is a step above most all companies! That being said I wish i didnt need to talk to customer service so much. Attention to detail for smaller brands doesnt seem to be as important as Id assume the bigger companies. I also get bags of debri in my clear stickers so for every order assume you're out at least 5 stickers a roll. So order ac...

  • Fantastic!

    Nikki Egleton-Volz

    These clear labels with my custom artwork on them are perfect for adding my branding to standard product boxes. Instead of spending an arm and a leg on custom printed boxes and hoping they get to me on time from whatever service offers them, I can buy unbranded boxes from Uline, Amazon, or an office supply store whenever I need them. They are much cheaper! Then I apply one of these custom labels ...

  • Top notch

    sean mcgannon

    My 2nd order from SM...very happy will order again!

  • A clear review for clear stickers

    Will Erickson

    These were so clear, I could see right through them. Then again, I think that was by design. Everything this company does is pure gold. Nuff said, Alcatraz out!

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