Adesivos VSCO

Adesivos VSCO

Faça o design de vários adesivos VSCO para cabber em uma folha de adesivos. Personalize a página toda e coloque os adesivos onde você quiser.

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Adesivos VSCO
Frete grátis em 4 dias

Frete grátis em 4 dias

Obtenha products rapidamente com tempo de processamento de 4 dias e frete grátis.

Receba uma prova online

Receba uma prova online

Veja sua prova logo após a finalização da compra e solicite alterações até ficar satisfeito.

Durável e impermeável

Durável e impermeável

Vinil espesso e durável que protege seus products de arranhões, chuva e luz solar.

Oh yeah.

Place as many designs as you can fit on a custom sticker sheet. Each sticker will be kiss cut for easy peeling. You can use our sticker sheet templates or just upload a .zip containing your designs and we’ll lay them out for you.

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  • Great response from staff and students

    Alicia Mowry

    I had never created a sticker sheet before and Sticker Mule made the process really easy. Students at my school designed the stickers and they were thrilled to see them come to life on the sticker sheet.

  • Little effort, awesome sheet

    Daniel Totten

    Ordered this along with buttons and business cards. I'm not one for AI or PS, so I just sent a ZIP with PNGs. They organized the images for the sheet, and it turned out really well! Husband already has Theo stuck to his computer. Colors matched.

  • I loved the stickers

    Kristal Kitsune Designs

    The stickers came out as expected and more! I like how thick the stickers, which means they're more durable and will last longer. The colors pretty matched the original piece of art I made.

  • Fun!

    Katherine Rao

    This is one of my first orders. It turned out perfect.

  • ZGiRLS: Spring Sticker Sheet


    These sticker sheets turned out amazing! We send them out to teen girls in our programs and they absolutely loved them. Fantastic product and we are ordering again with new designs :)

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