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Introducing transfer stickers

Posted by Dave Traver on

We soft launched transfer stickers in late 2015. Since then we’ve been quietly polishing the manufacturing process to prepare for a bigger, official launch.

Transfer stickers are, by far, the most difficult product we make. Not only is the manufacturing challenging, but proofing and artwork setup are especially difficult too. Now that we solved most of the challenges with making these at scale we think transfer stickers are going to be our biggest product ever.

Starting today, we're excited to announce transfer stickers are officially available in white & black in quantities up to 1,000 units per design. After uploading your design, simply choose if you want your design in black or white vinyl.

How to pick your vinyl decal color

Just like the rest of our product line, you can benefit from free worldwide shipping, automatic discounts and multiple design discounts when you order (you can also include other products like custom magnets to your order for a discount). Beyond that, ordering transfer stickers from Sticker Mule comes with a few exclusive benefits we think you’ll love including:

Design flexibility

Existing vendors for transfer stickers have extreme limitations on the types of designs they’re willing to make. This is because the more complicated the design the more difficult it becomes to make. Consequently, most vendors want to review the design before accepting it and frequently reject designs that are too complex. We still have some restrictions on what we can do, but ultimately we offer more flexibility than you’ll find elsewhere.

Simple pricing

In addition to being willing & able to accept more complex designs than other vendors, we also offer simple pricing model that doesn’t care about the complexity of your design. While other vendors need to review your design to estimate what they’ll charge you to make it, we offer low prices upfront before seeing your design.

Bulk ordering

Making transfer stickers in bulk quantities is a big challenge that we’ve happily solved. Every transfer sticker order ships in 5 days or less. By comparison, other vendors insist on reviewing your order before sharing turnaround and frequently take weeks to make them. It’s typical for other vendors to quote 6 - 8 weeks to produce a large order. At Sticker Mule, we’ll always do it in 5 days with free shipping.

White and Black Custom Transfer Stickers or Vinyl Decals

What's next

So far, the response to our transfer stickers has been tremendous. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but, more importantly, our customers are sending us amazingly unique designs that they say no one has ever been able to make. We have big ideas on how to continue improving this product and plan to continue pushing to make it a success over the coming months.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, try our transfer stickers today and let us know what you think.

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