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  • Fast and great!

    Shanda McCloskey

    These look great! Thank you for shipping so fast.

  • amazing!!

    מיכל לדרמן - אומנות הסבון הטבעי


  • amazing

    מיכל לדרמן - אומנות הסבון הטבעי


  • Off set and couldn't use

    David Maynard

    The stickers were off center and not to a professional standard I would expect.

  • Spot On


    I have been ordering regularly from Stocker Mule for a number of years now. They are consistently great stickers/labels and never fail to exceed my expectations.

  • Favorite Sticker

    I've tried the vinyl stickers and the square roll labels, and I prefer the rolls for merchandising/packaging/etc. This is at least my third order.

  • Incredible turnaround time!!

    Mike Gomez (Monostereo DLM)

    We've been using StickerMule for years and they never disappoint. They turned this job around quickly when we were in a tight jam.

  • Came out pefectly!

    Michael Kryński

    Thanks again SM!

  • Poor Quality

    Rashad Terry

    These did not adhere to my packaging. The marketing was branded to me in the selection of the sticker to have the ability to stick to packaging. As soon as I stick it on it immediately falls back off as soon as I remove my finger. I was highly disappointed with the quality of the adhesion.

  • Hard to peel off

    Johanna McShan

    Nearly impossible to peel away from the roll. The non stick backing comes off with it. Too time consuming, Won't order again.