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  • Mark R Jordan

    The flyers look amazing, the print is clear and crisp. I thought the paper would be a lil thicker but these are still amazing products. I will def order more flyers in the near future.

  • Manuel Echevarria

    These prints came out amazing! Just wish they were protected a bit more within the packaging because some of the edges of the prints got messed up during delivery.

  • Jackie Perry

    How AWESOME is it to order flyers on a Saturday and get them the following Tuesday?! Extremely awesome! And they're very nice quality, great color printing; I'll be proud to distribute them! These are all around fantastic. Keep up the wonderful work, Sticker Mule!

  • Alex Harbart

    Stickermule ensured I received the best product and their team has great communication.

  • Ginny Sterling

    This was perfect. It was a strange request, because I wanted it to look like a letter… but the flyers were perfect! The design worked and filled the page perfectly

  • oscarfalcon

    These look so good and the paper is nice, which is a surprise for me.

  • Dark Core

    after initial contrast problems, the sticker mule graphics team allegedly raised the brightness and saturation to try to match the original design more closely. however, the result was almost identical, which merely says to me that there is a lack of colour quality or the paper is simply too poor quality to reflect the contrast needed to show a range of colours (for a painting/image with many valu...

  • Kort Kramer

    The order arrived as expected from the proof and previous experience with SM. They're a great company and deliver amazing products. I wish the flyers were on a little heavier stock and rendered/printed with a touch more detail, but for the price I can't complain. ~ Kort

  • holly fisher

    Really pleased with my posters, the paper is quality, the printing is very good - color match to my original and everything. The posters are affordable and are easy to get quick. Great job Sticker Mule!

  • Anders Roseberg

    When I got back my first set of flyers, I noticed some lines. I brought it to their attention and they reprinted it correctly. Thanks!