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  • cute and affordable

    Sonjia Mallory

    They are a great alternative to enamel, and although they aren’t as durable they have a very nice look to them

  • Love Oscar's Custom Pin


    Awesome quality, they are absolutely perfect!

  • Wow

    Kwaku Osei

    Very impressed with the quality. The turn around time was even more satisfying. Thank you!

  • Great Quality


    Absolutely beautiful pins. Great job guys.

  • Love my pins

    Michael Beer

    They were delivered in a timely. There was one damaged and stickermule was quick to replace. Very happy**

  • Amazing customer service not so good pins.


    I want to start with the fact that the customer service was and is impeccable with this company. However I will not be ordering pins, specifically, again any time soon. Every time I order stickers they are beautiful and high quality. Which is why I trusted the pins would be the same. No. The first 10 that arived were a little messed up with a few chips and the backings falling off. I wasn't super ...

  • The pins were adorable!


    The pins were adorable, however one did come broken but customer service responded quickly and felt with the situation to the best of their ability

  • Great little pins of fun

    David Fung

    Created a set for my partner, and it was the highlight her day! Originally got a large set so she could share them around, but now she loves them too much, and has attached them to various shirts, shoes etc etc.

  • Umbreon Pins


    So normally I am all for messaging them and trying to fix problems but I am getting to the point where I feel this is just how it is for them. I REALLY feel strongly that they need someone checking quality controll. I order pins and get maybe MAYBE half or a little over half without damage the rest. Yea.. Not so great. I don't mean scratches either no.. It's been like FULL chunks or chips. Now I w...

  • Roughly 30 of them were scratched/chipped & unusable

    Sad Nuggie

    We absolutely love using sticker mule for multiple products & have never had any issue ever in the years we have used them. But these pins came and over 25% of them were chipped bad enough that we cannot sell them. We ordered 80 pins with this order and roughly 30 of them were cut/chipped really bad. :( Totally understand things happen from time to time and we expect a few to be chipped but thi...