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  • Packing tape





    First of all, the tape is NOT 3" wide (more like 2 & 3/4"). This information needs to be updated on the site. Second, the ink is only CMYK, with a faint, pre-coating of white ink under that. You cannot achieve pure white or anything bright in your design, as they do not add white and the ink they DO use is so sparse it shows through to the brown adhesive material. So plan for a darker image...

  • Excellent!

    Shaun Brown

    Tried out the sample to see if its for me... definitely impressed with the quality of this tape... main hang up for me is that I do not have extra funds right now to invest in a machine to expedite wetting the adhesive side of the tape, and using the sponge method seems slow and counter productive to the workflow of my shop... so even though I love the product, Ill be holding off for now. If it wa...

  • I like


    The color is very nice. I wish I would have chosen this color with my first order. I was afraid of doing a bold color, but the result is perfect!

  • v good tape


    Tape is very good, same tape as G. Express. 10/10 loved the water activated sponge

  • 5 Stars but Didn't Like it as much


    It would be unfair to give them anything less because I have ordered tape before and it was perfect. I think it was my design. I ordered a small sample and it was smaller than I thought (no worries they tell you the size it was me scaling it) but I would suggest making sure your design is dark enough if you are using a white background. I had pastel colors. Great job! Will order again!! Don't hesi...

  • Shipping tape

    Badass Lures

    Not going to work for our needs

  • nicely done!


    loved the quality

  • Packing Tape


    Love it Love it Love it~ ! Adorable ~ can't wait to order a full roll for my packages~ what a nice Finishing touch!

  • Great logo tape!

    Territorial Arms

    Wow, amazing quality and shipping is fast!