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Sticker back printing vs. kiss cut stickers

Geplaatst door Jeremy Wick

We heard you wanted more space on your stickers – somewhere to put social tags, coupons, website, and contact details. Traditionally, this would require back printing.

But did you know you can achieve the same goal with kiss cut stickers? Kiss cut stickers typically have a rectangular backing around the design that's bigger than the sticker, which can be printed on.

Kiss cut stickers are a superior alternative to back printing for a few reasons:

Better visibility

It is counterintuitive to put vital information where people are least likely to see it. Kiss cut stickers display your extra information right next to the sticker itself.

More printing options

Back printing is typically limited to black and white, and confined to the shape of the sticker. The backing on kiss cut stickers can be printed in full color and full bleed and isn’t dependant on the shape of the sticker.

Lower cost

Since back printing adds an extra step to the manufacturing process, there is typically a ~20% surcharge. The manufacturing process for kiss cut stickers is similar to standard die cut stickers and so the price is nearly identical.

Overall, the kiss cut design is a better choice for creative professionals.

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