cindy chiu's sticker sheets


i ordered 10 sticker sheets from stickermule of tiny little animals. i was grateful for stickermule being patient with me and being helpful through the entire process in their e-mails. the final product turned out extremely nicely! the stickers are in the right size i ordered them in and the cut is well done around my designs. an important thing to keep in mind if you choose to order stickers/sticker sheets is to make sure the dimensions of your work would be similar to the dimensions you want printed out, in inches. and if you're working in pixels, convert pixels to inches- always! another thing. when my order came in i was surprised to receive a couple of extras! i have no idea if this happened to anyone else but it could for you : )


Vind je dit leuk? Het is ook makkelijk om je eigen sticker sheets te bestellen 🙂