Awesome Quality and Value!

Ryan M

After trying to source as much as I could for my business locally, I was finding it very difficult to work with print companies in my town so I reached out to Sticker Mule. Not only did the labels come out awesome, but I was surprised at how affordable and seamless the process was. Factor in the free shipping they offer and I think this just became my home for label printing. If I had to give one critique, I would have liked more details before ordering on what materials are used and maybe some options (white BOPP, UV coating etc.). I did not know what type of label I was going to get, but I decided to trust their process. I love the natural matte finish, but am not super keen on how the white is slightly visible around the label edges. Not at all a deal breaker, the colours and fonts all came out exactly as they were in the design and I couldn't be more relieved that my struggle with labels has finally come to an end.


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