Folhas de ímans

Folhas de ímans

As folhas de ímans personalizados são divertidas e chamam a atenção, podendo conter diferentes designs. Faça a encomenda das folhas de ímans em qualquer tamanho até 508 mm × 508 mm, incluindo quantos ímans desejar. Todas as folhas de ímans contam com provas grátis online e portes grátis para todo o mundo.

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Folhas de ímans
Envio grátis em 4 dias

Envio grátis em 4 dias

Obtenha folhas de ímans rapidamente com tempo de processamento de 4 dias e portes grátis.

Receba uma prova online

Receba uma prova online

Veja a sua prova logo após a finalização da compra e solicite alterações até ficar satisfeito.

Durável e impermeável

Durável e impermeável

Vinil grosso e durável que protege os seus folhas de ímans de arranhões, chuva e luz solar.

Uma folha de ímans, inúmeras possibilidades de design

Posicione quantos ímans conseguir na folha de ímans personalizada. Escolha o tamanho da folha de ímans, até 508 mm × 508 mm. Cada íman será cortado de maneira a facilitar a remoção. Carregue o seu design totalmente personalizado para a folha de ímans ou carregue um ficheiro .zip com os designs. Nós organizamos-lhos por si.

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As folhas de ímans são ótimas para divulgar a sua empresa, a sua marca ou para oferecer. Os nossos ímans contam com material magnético forte, leve e flexível. As folhas de ímans personalizadas podem ser impressas a cores e os ímans podem ser cortados em qualquer formato. Confie no nosso sistema de provas grátis online, processamento rápido e portes grátis para todo o mundo. Vai adorar o resultado.

Avaliações de folhas de ímans

  • 4.5 / 5

  • 14

    Total de avaliações

  • 86%

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  • DM
    Deborah Martin

    I am the author of the award-winning children's picture books, Hunnie Bunny's Garden and Hunnie Bunny's Garden Mystery. I recently ordered magnet sheets of characters from those books. Sticker Mule's work is outstanding and the magnets are beautiful! The job was completed quickly and I received the order sooner than expected. I look forward to ordering more magnet sheets from my future books of th...

  • AF
    Amy Flynn

    Customer service was top notch. They worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted for our custom order. Everything for emails back and forth, to the proof, and even delivery was quick and smooth. Would highly recommend.

  • BH
    Benay Hicks

    Our nonprofit had a very specific need and this magnet sheet fit the bill perfectly! Sticker Mule was extremely responsive and kind, and while we had a tiny hiccup with the original shipment, they cleared everything up immediately and sent a new one. We will be ordering hundreds (if not thousands) more of these sheets in the coming year, and I'm thrilled to have found such a reliable supplier!

  • Sebas van den Brink

    Despite a few technical hickups, support was kind and quick and helped me out. Eventually the result was delivered quickly and I'm very happy with how it turned out. They're properly magnetized, but of course they're not junkyard magnets - so don't expect too much from printable(!) magnets. I am happy! Producers of these are few and far between and this was an excellent experience, despite the hic...

  • KK
    Kelly Kotner

    SM's customer service is awesome and the print quality looks great, but the magnets are very thin, so taking the magnets out is difficult because they almost feel like they will tear :( it could be the designs I used as well. Maybe in the future you can offer a thicker magnet to choose from for an additional cost?

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