Introducing packaging tape

Sticker Mule’s custom packaging tape is made with strong, durable paper that is reinforced with fiberglass strands. Popular, high volume retailers use this type of tape to improve their productivity and quickly and securely ship hundreds or even thousands of packages a day. We use a water-activated adhesive, which allows our tape to quickly create a strong bond to your package once applied. A ... Read more

Introducing die cut roll labels

We are pleased to announce custom die cut labels at Sticker Mule. Die cut roll labels can be cut into any shape or size. Die cut stickers have long been our most popular product so we’re excited to offer this option to customers who want their die cut designs on a roll. When we first introduced circle roll labels a year ago, we said our roll label quality exceeds anything on the market. That... Read more

Introducing quick order

We are excited to introduce quick order. It’s common for customers to order dozens of items at the same time, but building the cart for large, multiple item orders was cumbersome. Not anymore. Quick order let’s you order dozens of items in seconds. Simply pick the items you want, identify the number of unique designs per item, attach your artwork and breeze through checkout. We’ll automatical... Read more

Introducing front adhesive stickers

We’re excited to introduce front adhesive stickers. Front adhesive stickers are just like our clear stickers except the sticky side is on the front of the design, not the back. They are made to apply the design-side to the inside of a window. Front adhesive stickers are printed on clear material and have an adhesive on the front, printed side of the sticker. These stickers are particularly... Read more

Introducing custom size roll labels

We recently updated our custom labels to feature custom sizes. Previously, we offered 5 fixed sizes for each shape of label. Now customers can enter an exact size when ordering their roll labels. Custom sizes allow customers to get the exact size needed for product labeling, packaging, and other specific uses. We’ve found that small businesses and new ecommerce shops use roll labels when they ... Read more

Introducing poly mailers

Today, we're introducing custom poly mailers. Poly mailers are ideal for shipping apparel and other products. Made with 100% polyethylene material, they are lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant while also featuring a self-seal adhesive strip and an easy-open tear tab. Adding poly mailers to our product line allows us to more fully support our customers that run small businesses, online ... Read more

Introducing custom buttons

We recently added custom buttons to Sticker Mule. We merged Button Frog into Sticker Mule to make it easier for our customers to use one site to checkout with multiple items in their cart while offering the same great product and turnaround. Since launching Button Frog in April 2015, we have had a 4.9/5 review rating with 100% of customers saying they would order again. Custom buttons were ... Read more

Introducing die cut bumper stickers

Today, we're announcing die cut bumper stickers are available in any size or shape. We have offered bumper stickers for years but until recently they only came in a few standard rectangle sizes. Bumper stickers have a removable adhesive that makes them unique from die cut stickers, clear stickers and transfer stickers with a permanent adhesive. While all of our stickers are removable, the ... Read more

Introducing transfer stickers

We soft launched transfer stickers in late 2015. Since then we’ve been quietly polishing the manufacturing process to prepare for a bigger, official launch. Transfer stickers are, by far, the most difficult product we make. Not only is the manufacturing challenging, but proofing and artwork setup are especially difficult too. Now that we solved most of the challenges with making these at s... Read more

Introducing multiple design discounts

In the past year, we've added new products and features to help our customers save time and money. This week we're highlighting our multiple design discount feature for custom made products. Although customers have been saving with this feature for over a year, we've improved it to include our newest products like transfer stickers, circle roll labels, and custom magnets. Sticker Mule's mul... Read more