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  • Sl
    Sirio Sistemi Navali S.r.l.

    Velocità di realizzazione ed alta qualità del finito.

  • Rod Van Blake

    Trying sticker for the first time and needed them before NYCC! I was very happy with them, and they came in time for me to take them with us to the convention!

  • Valerie Hasara

    I ordered a Kiss-Cut design rectangle. The cutter must have been dull because the paper backing was poorly cut and ripped on many stickers. The identification tag included with my order had a taped note that read 10 short. I am not surprised if my order was short because there were sticker stuck together missing the backing in places. I am thinking the cutter ate a few. You ask if I would ord...

  • Jenna Falk

    So cute and easier to peel off

  • CD
    Carey DeRogatis

    Love this colorful, perfectly-cut sticker! Clean looking and sharp - thank you!

  • Jake Johnston

    These were done as a replacement for a misprinted order. Quick turnaround, patient with edit requests, and well discounted. 10/10

  • KB
    Kevin Buickerood

    I have been doing graphic design for over 30-years, and have seen plenty of print jobs. But these, these are the nicest decals! Sticker Mule, wow, you guys did a FANTASTIC job! And quick too! Nice job all around!

  • jB
    jaclyn Brzezinski

    I love these stickers and I highly recommend them. The only thing is when I order 4,000 stickers I need some way of being able to count them when they get to me so I know it is the correct amount and that I am not being shorted. Not saying you guys would do that but I run a business and suppliers accidentally short me all the time so we need to inventory things when they come in. This last time UP...

  • swimmingd2

    I love the feel and longevity of the thicker stickers. These can stand up to the weather and repeated touch for a while. And the customer service, as always, is excellent. Sticker Mule's pricing for small batching is hard to beat!

  • Anônimo

    Sticker Mule is the BEST!! Fast and perfect!! Thank you!