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  • Sock the World

    love the sticker, love the deals, but hate your politics. despite the "kind heart" claims, the head of the company supports a bigot looking to take rights away from everyone who isn't a straight-white male. they made their sticker company political, not me, and now I can't in good conscience support it any longer. bummer, but good riddance.

  • Brad smith

    You guys rock! Must be conservative because you deliver! Logo was exact Delivery was perfect Everyone at the reunion thought they were great! And me of course, Made me look good! Well do it again soon! Brad Smith Ohio

  • Jack G

    My Stickers came out PERFECT on the first run!! Will order more! Sticker Mule is GOATED!

  • JR
    Jane Richards

    Always love the product! Thanks

  • Kayla

    I made a grasshopper digital artwork and wanted it as a clear sticker because it would make it look like a real bug with it's stick legs sitting on something. It turned out so cool and very colorful. The white ink they use makes your design completely opaque with a transparent border on the cutout sticker and it really makes it POP! Stickermule has allowed me to supplement my homemade sticker busi...

  • JB
    John Booras

    My sticker looks great y Adios! After many orders taking business elsewhere just in case revenues are used to support a criminal traitor. All out of love for USA it is not political. I draw the line at treason and espionage. Too bad Anthony drank the koolaide.

  • Pick N Craft

    I love Sticker Mule and the text deals they send out. The sticker quality is amazing and you can’t beat the price. Everyone should order from Sticker Mule!!

  • Rena Franco

    The backing on these stickers is extremely hard to remove. I would recommend ordering the labels rather than the stickers for ease of use.

  • Lou

    These are super thick and not very flexible. The top half of my sticker stack was bent on the corners and won’t be usable.

  • JS
    Jennifer Sauri

    These are better then I was expecting, I have so many ideas for these logo stickers, fast shipping and done to perfection. I will be ordering so much more.