Avaliações de botons redondos de 32 mm

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  • Mike Pedro

    Fastest and most economical way to express yourself….

  • BJ Alumbaugh

    The preview shows the pin backs being aligned horizontally with the image on front. However, all the backs are haphazard at different angles. I suppose they’re still functional, but having them standardized to be as the preview shows would be better and make application much easier.

  • DC
    Dashius Clay

    StickerMule in my opinion is the only company who has always been reliable, affordable, delivered best quality, always on time, made it easy to setup/manage products, and given great customer support. I have worked with EVERYONE, and StickerMule has set the bar high and spoiled me as a customer. I tell all my people about them and they always come back thanking me for it. These were the second col...

  • Far Away From Home

    The pin came out ok, but be warn the size is small. like coin small almost

  • Seth Stygian

    Look great!

  • Alaishyia Bonner

    I ordered stickers and pins all the time and everything is great quality out of everything that’s perfect. This one last order I have 49 printed pens and then literally one is blank. I am not mad at you guys because you guys did perfect for every other order.

  • MS
    Matthew Sylvia

    Great experience ordering buttons. Love the periodic deals, always great to jump on.

  • s

    They will love this button, Thankyou. Great job

  • zztype

    1.25” buttons, my favorite Sticker Mule product! I always keep a couple of designs handy for when the mood strikes for another cool button. Thanks, Sticker Mule! (And the Mule Sauce packets are 🔥🔥🔥!)

  • LL
    LegacyVerse Productions LLC

    Picture on the button looks great!!!