Avaliações de botons redondos de 38 mm

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  • Pin needle in the back is not horizontally aligned with the image on the front

    Tifani Ng

    My box of pins came with excellent color and image quality. However, the pin needle in the back does not horizontally align to the image on front, making it a bit awkward to wear the pin. If Sticker Mule checks for this production quality aspect or asks the customer to confirm before ordering, I would give this a higher rating.

  • Adorable!


    I love how my buttons turned out! All of the images are perfectly centered and the color is vibrant. At first I was disappointed that the pin on the back of each button was going different directions and was not aligned to the front image. Then I discovered with a little pressure I can turn the pin to align with the front. With that solution I am delighted and plan on getting more.

  • Excellent!!!!!!!



  • Perfect


    Perfect 🤩🤩🤩

  • Awesome buttons

    Monica Pascual

    Awesome buttons. Great color and picture quality. And super fast service.

  • muy buena calidad

    Joan Ferrer

    excelente calidad precio

  • Manifestazione SPAZZACAMINI valle Vigezzo

    Massimo Ianni

    OTTIMO LAVORO è bastata una fotografia ed un testo e Voi prontamente avete esaudito. Complimenti per l'organizzazione BRAVI!!


    Massimo Ianni

    spille perfette proprio come le desideravo, grazie alla Vostra pronda risposta ed alla disponibilità non ho avuto nessuna difficoltà a farmi capire, bravi bravi e RAPIDI!!

  • Entire order was done incorrectly


    Every single pin had the backing attached diagonally or upside down. I'd better get a refund for this crap.

  • Every single button was screwed up


    The pinbacks were screwed on diagonally/upside down on every button. Gosh what a disappointment. Boooo, Sticker Mule, you totally suck.