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  • Jesus Pando Gimeno

    Pin muy bonito. Realizado según mis especificaciones.Simula el pin tradicional

  • Matteo D'Amato

    Always the best!! - Sticker Mule è sempre il migliore!

  • Kim Tu

    I ordered several pins and they all turned out great! A few scratches but it's to be expected. I believe 5% defective is expected from any service/manufacturer, so it would have been nice if SM sent an extra 5% to account for any defects, but they don't.

  • Kim Tu

    I like the convenient and ease of ordering and quick turnaround.

  • Kim Tu

    Initially I thought maybe 1.25" might be too small but mine turned out nicely. I guess it depends on the image/design.

  • Kim Tu

    I'm happy with the product.

  • Kim Tu

    I ordered custom acrylic pins during SM's weekly deals "$29 for 50." For the price, pins turn out pretty good.

  • Colourful Devil

    Thank you so much for your service! Everything as I wished for!

  • Sadee Bee

    I love a good lightweight pin, and these are perfect. The artwork looks fabulous and I appreciate that they have a rubber backstop.

  • Destroy Art Inc

    These pins fall apart and are total garbage. It's a push pin glued to the back of an acrylic cutout - but the pin FALLS OFF THEM ALL!! I'm ashamed to even give these away much less sell! StickerMule wouldn't even give me a discount or refund which I am not happy about. Avoid this item like the plague a total waste of money and will identify your Brand you work so hard for as cheap and untrustworth...