Packaging Tape Dispenser Review: BP 555

When using custom packaging tape at a high volume, you may want to invest in a packaging tape dispenser.

The BP 555 is an electronic tape dispenser. The machine itself is fairly easy to setup and easy to use. There is a wide opening that makes loading and unloading the tape easy. The water tank is large and has a sealed cap designed to avoid spills. It also features a built-in water heater.

The BP 555 dispenses tape at an incredible speed. Each piece is fully coated with water to create a strong bond.

The numbers on the left side tell the machine how many inches to cut the tape. There are additional controls which allow you to adjust the length if you need something other than the standard options. There’s also a manual feed button which will dispense the tape until you let go. And with the repeat button, you can simply repeat the last length that was selected.

The automatic version of this model can automatically dispense a new piece of tape at the same length once the previous piece is removed. You can also program it to repeat 2 or 3 lengths, if you have something that requires a variety of tape lengths.

All automatic versions of the BP 555 are compatible with two optional attachments:

  • The AMD 1 is an automatic measuring device. Using high frequency sound waves, it measures the length of a package, then dispenses the appropriate length of tape, including the flaps - which you can easily program.
  • There’s also an optional foot pedal which works alongside the AMD, to free up your hands when dispensing the tape.

At around £1340, the BP 555 is in the mid-range of electronic tape dispensers. The optional automatic measuring device costs around £208, and the foot pedal costs around £72.

The programmable features and the optional attachments make the BP 555 one of the most powerful dispensers on the market. While you might not need every feature it has to offer, it would be hard to find a more efficient dispenser. The high price tag is worth it, if you are doing more than 50 packages per day, and especially worth it if you are working with packages of varying sizes. If the BP 555 is within your price range, we recommend going with one of the automatic versions to take full advantage of this machine’s efficiency.

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