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How to make any image bigger with Upscale

Posted by Jeremy Wick on

Upscale is a free tool that increases the size and resolution of any image, instantly.

Just upload your image and within a few seconds you’ll be able to download your upgraded, larger image. Or you can use your new artwork to order custom stickers and more with a single click.

Why we made Upscale

Some images are small. They're not bad, they're just small. You can save an image to a bigger size, but this just makes each pixel bigger – and you end up with a pixelated, distorted image.

It’s even more problematic if you try to print a low resolution image (we recommend artwork be at least 300 ppi).

Luckily, Upscale makes it easy for anyone to improve the size and resolution of their artwork. Using artificial intelligence, Upscale creates brand new pixels, allowing your image to be 2x the size with 4x the pixels of the original image.




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