How can I find the PPI of my artwork?

PPI stands for "pixels per inch" and represents the resolution of your artwork. Although DPI is a more commonly used term, when it comes to your artwork’s resolution PPI or Pixels Per Inch is most important.

Your artwork should be at least 300 PPI at the size you need. Watch the video and follow the steps to check your artwork's PPI. If you still aren't sure, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

You can use the PPI (Pixels Per Inch) calculator below to determine the maximum sticker size based on your artwork.

Artwork dimensions (pixels)

Maximum recommended sticker size:



  1. Open file in Photoshop
  2. Click "OK" on prompts (if any)
  3. If there is extra space around the artwork that you want printed, remove it by using the Crop tool or Image > Trim. By removing the unwanted space, you'll be able to accurately tell the DPI of your artwork.
  4. Go to Image > Image Size
  5. Uncheck "Resample"
  6. Change the Width and Height units to Inches
  7. Set the Width and/or Height to the size you need
  8. The Resolution box will update to display your file's DPI

How to find the dpi of your designs and artwork


  1. Open your image in Preview.
  2. Up at the top, click "Tools" > "Adjust Size"
  3. Uncheck the box labeled "Resample Image"
  4. Next, using inches, change the size of your artwork to your desired print size.
  5. The resolution should be at least 300 pixels per inch.


  1. Right-click on the image file; then select "Properties."
  2. Click on the tab "Details" in the image properties window.
  3. Note the image dimensions such as 1200 x 600.

Your PPI should be at least 300 for your artwork to be sufficient quality for printing. If your image is at a lower resolution, it will not help to increase the pixels/inch or enlarge the image. This will only stretch the image to a larger size and it will still print fuzzy and pixelated. In that case, we recommend contacting the original designer to get a better version of your artwork.

You can also use Upscale to automatically increase your artwork resolution, or upgrade your artwork to vector format using our Redraw service.

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