Wall graphics

  • What surfaces are suitable for your wall graphics?

    Our wall graphics are designed to adhere to smooth surfaces that have been cleaned prior to application only. Surfaces such as smooth drywall, laminated wood, and glass work best. The adhesive ...

  • How to install a wall graphic

    Wall graphics are designed for easy installation. Wall graphics are removable for up to 6 months under normal circumstances. Avoid applying to freshly painted walls (wait 7 days after painting) ...

  • What's the largest wall graphic you can make?

    We can make wall graphics up to 2,43 m width x 1,42 m height.

  • Do you make wall graphics with transparent material?

    No, we only make wall graphics using an opaque vinyl with a fabric-like texture that's designed to make installation easy.

  • Are your wall graphics glossy?

    No, our wall graphics have a fabric-like textured finish that diffuses light and matches the texture of your wall.

  • Can wall graphics be die cut?

    Yes, wall graphics can be die cut to any shape. Pricing depends on size and is not affected by die cutting.

  • Do you allow inner cuts on wall graphics?

    We allow one (1) internal cut on wall graphics that must be at least 25 mm in size.

  • Will your wall graphics damage the paint on my wall?

    Our wall graphics are made from a special fabric and adhesive that's designed to make them easily removable from most walls and painted surfaces without causing damage. However, as with all adhesiv...

  • Can wall graphics adhere to brick walls?

    No, our wall graphic material is designed to adhere to smooth surfaces that have been cleaned prior to application.

  • Are wall graphics reusable?

    Our wall graphics are designed to be single use only. They can be removed and reapplied during installation, but after the initial installation you should not expect to move and re-use them at a la...

  • Can wall graphics be used on cars or trucks?

    Our wall graphics are designed for indoor use on walls. We do not recommend applying them to vehicles. If you're looking for a product to use on vehicles, then transfer stickers, bumper stickers...

  • Can I get a discount for buying multiple wall graphics?

    Yes, we automatically apply a discount if you buy multiple wall graphics. The discount is greater if you buy multiple units of the same design than if you buy separate designs. To buy multiple vers...

  • Can I get a wall graphic sample?

    Yes, we include a wall graphic sample in our €1 sample pack.

  • What is a wall graphic?

    Wall graphics are large stickers made from fabric-like vinyl. Wall graphics are also known as wall decals or wall stickers. Wall graphics are used for branding, signage, or decoration. Wall graphi...