• Can you make window stickers?

    Yes, we offer four types of stickers that can be used on windows. Our front adhesive stickers are sticky on the front of the design and are uniquely made to be placed on the inside of a window....

  • Can I get a discount for ordering multiple designs?

    Yes, we automatically discount your order as you add more items to your cart. Each unique design must be ordered as a separate line item. To calculate your discount, we determine the total amount...

  • How does store credit work?

    Store credit applies automatically during checkout if your order total is greater than 30 USD. You should also know that: You must be logged into your account in order to use your credit. Store ...

  • Do you print reflective stickers?

    No, we don't offer custom stickers made from reflective material or printed using metallic inks.

  • How will you use my artwork?

    Upon ordering from Sticker Mule, your artwork may be used for the following purposes: We will use your artwork to prepare an online proof for you to review and share with friends. We will displa...

  • What are the smallest stickers you can make?

    The smallest custom sticker we can produce is 1" x 1". We're not able to accept orders for designs that are smaller than 1" x 1" in size.

  • Can you print stickers with sequential numbering?

    We are not able to print custom stickers with either sequential numbering or variable data. There are no current plans to add this to our product line.

  • How do I unsubscribe from your marketing emails?

    If you would like to stop receiving our newsletter or features/deals emails, you can click here and enter the email address you wish to remove. We also include an unsubscribe link at the end of eve...

  • Can you make sticker postcards?

    No, we cannot print on the back side of the sticker to create a postcard.

  • What web browsers do you support?

    We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari for the best experience. We support the following web browsers: Chrome: 40+ Firefox: 40+ Safari: 5+ Internet Explorer: 10+ Android: 4+ Opera: 20+ ...

  • Can you help design my sticker?

    We are unable to help with designing a custom sticker from scratch. If you have an existing design, we can make minor changes to it during proofing if requested (for example: we could add your webs...

  • How big should a sticker be to cover the Apple logo?

    The Apple logo on newer Macbooks is 1.83" high x 1.50". To cover the logo we recommend ordering a 2" x 2" laptop sticker. Note that if you want to block the light from the Apple logo, you should...

  • Can I include a barcode in my design?

    Yes, you can include a barcode in your design but we're unable to guarantee that it will be scannable. Your ability to scan a barcode will vary depending upon its size, design, scanning device qual...

  • Are your stickers made in the USA?

    Our custom stickers are made in our factories in Amsterdam, New York or Pisa, Italy. We manufacture in the factory closest to your shipping address to get them to you quickly.

  • Can I have a copy of your W-9?

    Yes, you can download a PDF of our W-9 form.

  • Can you make stickers with adhesive on the front?

    Yes, we offer front adhesive stickers. They are sticky on the front of the design so they can be placed on the inside of a window.

  • Do you silkscreen your stickers?

    No, we inkjet print our stickers in high resolution (1440 PPI). After printing, we apply a matte laminate to ensure optimal durability. We only use premium laminates that have an extra strength UV ...

  • Will your stickers adhere to a hard hat?

    Yes, our custom hard hat stickers have a permanent adhesive that adheres to a hard hat. With a protective laminate they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to wind,...

  • What's your phone number?

    We discontinued phone support in 2012. Feel free to read our blog post on phone support to understand why. We believe email is the ideal support channel for detailed inquiries as it makes it easy f...

  • Can you reset my account password?

    You can reset your password on our web site. If the reset function doesn't work it's most likely because you haven't created an account. When you sign up, use the same email as your prior orders an...

  • What is your fax number?

    We do not have a fax number. Currently, we require all orders to be placed online and additional communication should be sent via email or by tweeting @stickermule.

  • Do you make paper stickers?

    No, we only make stickers using vinyl.

  • Can you provide a discount for a bulk order?

    Sticker Mule automatically calculates savings for you based on the total size of your order. The larger your order, the larger your discount. We do not provide additional coupons or manual discount...

  • Do you provide special pricing for wholesalers?

    We set our pricing to be rock bottom so that all customers can enjoy the same low pricing. If you compare us to other sticker vendors that specialize in supporting wholesalers, you will find our st...

  • What is your business address?

    Our office address is: Sticker Mule 336 Forest Ave Amsterdam, NY 12010

  • Do your stickers adhere to surfboards?

    Yes, but it depends if you have a waxed or unwaxed surfboards. To our knowledge, there aren't any adhesives that work well with waxed surfboards. Our surfboard stickers will adhere to unwaxed sur...

  • Do you make domed stickers?

    No, we currently do not make domed stickers.

  • Can I delete my account?

    Please reach out to our support desk for assistance in account removal. If you'd like to stop receiving communication from Sticker Mule, you can login to your account and unsubscribe from notif...

  • Can you reproduce a sticker based on a photograph?

    Although we're unable to redraw your photo, we can definitely print your photo as a sticker. If you need help converting a photograph into an graphic, we recommend trying 99designs.

  • Do you make scratch and sniff stickers?

    No, we do not make scratch and sniff or any type of scented stickers.

  • Can I merge accounts?

    No, we do not have a merge accounts feature yet, but it's on our road map. We can manually move your orders to a new account if you can verify that you own both account.

  • Can I use your stickers as name tags?

    Yes, you can write on our stickers with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker. However, you should give the ink time to dry so that it does not smudge since the surface of our stickers is not as abso...

  • Are your materials non-toxic?

    We use a water based adhesive that is non-toxic. Vinyl is not, however. Also, all of our materials are OSHA compliant.

  • How can I download your logo?

    You can download our press kit to get our logo and other brand assets.

  • How can I update my email address?

    You can update your email address by going to your account summary, clicking "Edit profile" and then entering your new email address. You'll need to enter a valid email that isn't currently in use....

  • Can I use the metric system?

    Yes, you can switch your view to the metric system. Convert all sizes from inches into centimeters in the footer by clicking "English (US)". This will allow you to change the measurement system fro...

  • Are your products child safe?

    We manufacture our products to the highest quality materials. However, vinyl contains chemicals that may be harmful to children. No product that we manufacture should ever be ingested by children o...

  • How do I share a large file with you?

    You can upload files as large as 100mb when ordering or during proofing. It can take awhile to upload large files so we offer an option for you to skip the upload step and email artwork after order...

  • How do SMS proof notifications work?

    You can sign up to receive SMS proof notifications after ordering. If you choose to sign up, we'll send you an SMS notification as soon as your proof is ready to be reviewed. Our team works around ...

  • Can we apply your stickers to skin?

    Our stickers are not designed for use on human skin.

  • How can I prevent your notifications from going to spam?

    If you have noticed important email notifications from Sticker Mule about your order, proofing and shipping information going to spam or being blocked you can take the following steps to help: ...

  • Do you make keyboard stickers?

    We do not offer keyboard stickers. The smallest stickers we make are 1” in size, which is too large for a standard keyboard key. We recommend 4Keyboard or a similar company.

  • What is the best way to remove old stickers?

    The easiest way to remove old stickers is by hand. Our material is durable and will not split into multiple pieces. Most stickers have a strong adhesive, but will come up when removed with force. I...

  • Sticker Mule for Teams walkthrough

    Sticker Mule for Teams makes it easy to share artwork, addresses, and payment methods for organizations. Watch the video below to learn how!

  • Are any of your products tested on animals?

    No. None of our products are tested on animals. This includes all materials and inks used.

  • Can you migrate my orders to a new email address? 

    Yes, you can migrate your orders by updating your email address. Go to your account summary, click "Edit profile" and then enter your new email address. You'll need to enter a valid email that i...

  • Do your stickers adhere to silicone?

    Our stickers will not adhere to silicone as silicone surfaces are designed to be nonstick. Generally, only silicone will stick to silicone.

  • How long is my shared cart link valid?

    When using our share cart feature, the cart link will be valid for one week. After 1 week, you'll need to re-share your cart to acquire a new, active link.

  • Do you print using UV inks?

    Yes, we use UV inks for our custom labels and packaging tape. For custom stickers however, we do not. We apply a UV laminate that protects the stickers while offering a superior appearance. For c...

  • Do you offer custom hang tags?

    Yes, we offer custom hang tags.

  • What is your NAICS number?

    The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) classifies business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. economy. ...