• What is a team account?

    Team accounts are a way for companies and organizations to share orders, shipping, and payment information under one shared account. Just follow this link to create a team.

  • Is there a minimum number of people required for a team account?

    No, there is no minimum on number of team members required for a team account. You can have as few, or as many members as you'd like!

  • How do I create a team account?

    Just follow this link to get started!

  • Will all members have access to all orders on the team account?

    Yes. Members have access to view any orders and information on the team account but cannot act on any proofs that aren’t their own, unless they are the designated team approver.

  • How many teams per organization can we have?

    As many as you’d like! There are no restrictions on number of teams per organization.

  • How do I designate a team approver?

    Members can have one or more roles, giving them certain privileges when logged into the team account. All of the roles are optional. Depending on if a role is filled or not affects how features lik...

  • How does account switching work?

    If you belong to a team, you can switch between your personal account and your team's account. This makes it easy to keep your personal projects separate from work projects. To switch between a...

  • Can I share my reorder items with any team I belong to?

    Yes! Just click the share button from the reorder tab in your account. From here, select the team you wish to share your item with. Currently, only one design can be shared at a time.