How do I increase the resolution of my artwork?

For best print quality, we recommend uploading vector artwork or high resolution images at 300 PPI or better. You can increase artwork resolution automatically by using Upscale.

Otherwise, there are different ways to export or generate your artwork at maximum quality:

  1. Set up your artwork using our optional design templates.
  2. If your artwork is in vector format, send us the file in its original format (AI, EPS, or SVG).
  3. If you created your artwork in Photoshop, check your resolution by selecting Image > Image Size.

Increasing resolution of artwork

Check the size and resolution of your image. For example, If you are ordering a 76 mm x 76 mm, die cut sticker, your image size should be at least 76 mm x 76 mm and "Resolution: 300 pixels per inch" as shown in the above screenshot. If your image is at that size or larger, you can save your file as a PSD and upload it as is.

If your image is at a lower resolution, it will not help to increase the pixels per inch or enlarge the image. This will only stretch the image to a larger size and it will still print fuzzy and pixelated.

You can upgrade any image to a high resolution vector graphic with Redraw.