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40 cool sticker ideas that are trending in 2023

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Custom stickers can be used for just about anything — from fun uses (plastering your pet's head all over your belongings!) to serious ones (showcasing political affiliations or "baby on board" stickers). If you're low on inspiration for your next batch of stickers, check out our latest list of sticker ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

cool custom sticker ideas

1. Sustainability and eco-friendliness symbols

If you already do your part for the planet, consider inspiring others with a nature-friendly design. "Green" sticker ideas include:

  • A recycling symbol
  • A "Save the Bees" design
  • A "Save the Amazon" sticker

2. National parks and travel destinations

custom travel stickers

Adventure is a popular theme for car stickers, but you can also show your love for travel on just about anything — including your favorite suitcase!

  • Yosemite National Park logo
  • Eiffel Tower illustration
  • "Adventure is a state of mind" (Alastair Humphreys quote)

3. Holographic and iridescent stickers

We already talked a little about the big holographic trend in design lately. So why not try out some new holographic sticker ideas? Here are a few for you:

  • Holographic unicorn
  • Iridescent geometric pattern

4. Retro and vintage aesthetics

Harness the spirit of the 90s — or whatever decade is your favorite — with emblematic graphics for the period. A couple of ideas:

  • Cassette tape illustration
  • Vintage VW van design

5. Space exploration and galaxy themes

custom space stickers

Always popular with Whovians, Trekkies, Star Wars fans, and sci-fi appreciators in general, this is a theme as infinite as space itself — and your imagination. Try these ideas for a start:

  • Mars rover sticker
  • Astronaut floating in space
  • TARDIS in a wormhole

6. Music and band logos

Share your love for your favorite band and get a good conversation starter to boot!

  • Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo
  • Nirvana smiley face
  • ...and just about any other symbol you like!

7. Inspirational quotes and affirmations

Cheesy commonplace or valuable life advice? An inspiring quote can be perfect for a bumper car sticker or wall graphic depending on your viewpoint. Think of things like:

  • "Whatever you are, be a good one" bumper sticker
  • "What if they're wrong and you're right" wall graphic

8. Popular TV show and movie characters

Rather than buying overpriced merchandise, make your own fandom swag — starting with stickers. Try all-time beloved characters like:

  • Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian
  • Eleven, from Stranger Things

9. Mental health awareness and self-care reminders

With our modern epidemic of clinical anxiety and depression, it's never a bad idea to share a message of positivity and encouragement — for yourself and others. A couple of ideas:

  • "It's Okay Not to Be Okay"
  • "Worry is a choice." — Gavin de Becker
  • "Breathe" with a calming waves design

10. Virtual reality and augmented reality themes

virtual reality stickers

Are you all about the metaverse? Show it on your custom stickers with things like:

  • VR headset illustration
  • AR interactive game scene

11. Internet and meme culture references

It's memeing time! Put your favorite meme on display in a sticky fashion. Ideas:

  • "This is fine" dog meme
  • "Two Buttons" meme template (with your text of choice)

12. Climate change activism and environmental slogans

Put on display a little bit of your ferociously pro-Earth side with a sticker such as:

  • "There is No Planet B"
  • "Protect Our Oceans" (with a turtle design)

13. Abstract and geometric patterns

These can always be a good way to add a little bit of color and customization to your belongings. Go with:

  • Colorful mandala pattern
  • Hexagonal honeycomb design
  • or anything else that strikes your fancy!

14. Futuristic and sci-fi designs

For those with a geeky penchant. Try:

  • Cyberpunk cityscape graphic
  • Robot head illustration
  • "Don't Tell Me About Life" Marvin sticker

15. Pop art and bold typography

To make your design pop, opt for ideas like:

  • Lichtenstein-inspired comic strip
  • Warhol-style banana sticker

16. Celestial bodies, moon phases, and zodiac signs

Whether you're an amateur astronomer, a bit of an astrologer, or simply appreciate celestial-themed designs, you can't go wrong with these ideas:

  • Crescent moon and stars
  • Favorite constellation sticker
  • Zodiac sign illustration

17. Kawaii and cute characters

kawaii anime stickers

Inject a dose of cuteness into your life with your favorite Kawaii figures!

  • Kawaii cactus character
  • Cute sushi roll with a smiley face

18. Video game icons and characters

Gaming can be a big part of your life and your personality. So show a little love for your favorite video game characters and icons by putting them in custom stickers! Try:

  • Mario from Super Mario Bros.
  • Link from The Legend of Zelda
  • Any other favorite character!

19. Minimalist and line art portraits

Line art is trendy and fun — just the right relaxed vibe for a car or water flask sticker. Minimalist sticker ideas:

  • One-line face drawing
  • Minimalist Frida Kahlo portrait

20. Social media platform logos and icons

You can mix these with your username or use them alone.

  • Instagram logo
  • Your Reddit avatar sticker
  • YouTube play symbol

21. Animal and pet illustrations

We're a pet generation and we know it. Celebrate the awesomeness of our best canine and feline friends in your stickers:

22. Inclusive and diverse representations

If you're all about inclusiveness and tolerance, inspire others to coexist peacefully with a well-displayed sticker. Think:

  • "Live and let live" quote
  • Jewish-Christian-Muslim unity flag
  • "The more variety, the better society" quote sticker

23. Hobbies and craft icons

Show the world your passion. Sticker ideas for hobbies and crafts include:

  • Camera icon for photography
  • Paintbrush and palette for painting
  • Chess knight on chess squares
  • Football

24. Minimalistic plant and botanical designs

Got a bit of a green thumb? Make stickers to match! Here are a couple of sticker ideas for the plant lover in you:

  • Monstera leaf silhouette
  • Succulent plant illustration
  • "Home Is Where My Plants Are" flower pot sticker

25. Food and drink illustrations

custom food symbol pictures

You say foodie, I say gourmet. You say appreciator, I say bon vivant! Let your love for food and the good life inspire your next design.

  • "Good food, fine wine" text with a bottle of wine graphic
  • Steaming cup of coffee design
  • Tacos illustration

26. Hand-drawn and watercolor designs

A penchant for the graphic arts should never go unattended. And stickers are the perfect way to channel it! Go with:

  • Watercolor mountain landscape
  • Hand-drawn feathers pattern
  • Boat at sea drawing

27. Tech gadgets and devices

Are you an utter, complete, confirmed, incorrigible techie? Then you just have to show that on your stickers. Try:

  • Oh For Fox Sake sticker with the Mozilla Firefox
  • "Don't Worry, I'm From Tech Support" funny cat sticker
  • "Have You Tried Switching It Off And On Again?" laptop sticker

28. DIY and maker culture symbols

DIYers are a select, but growing community. Help other members of the clan recognize you by adding a custom DIY sticker to your belongings. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Sewing machine illustration
  • 3D printer design
  • I S2 DIY sticker

29. Optical illusions and 3D designs

Just have some fun with weird shapes and optical illusion graphics. Any of these can be a good conversation starter:

  • Penrose triangle sticker
  • Impossible staircase design
  • Optical illusion elephant

30. Cryptocurrency and blockchain icons

doge coin custom stickers

DeFi is the mot du jour, isn't it? If you're on the crypto bandwagon and proud of it, show your passion for everything decentralized with car or laptop stickers featuring:

  • The Bitcoin logo
  • The Ethereum emblem
  • A Doge

31. Upcycling and zero-waste themes

Are you hyper-waste-conscious? Then don't waste the opportunity to share the message on your favorite stickers. Ideas:

  • "Choose to Reuse" text
  • Mason jar with a reusable straw

32. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness imagery

Spiritually inclined? In touch with your true self? Or simply inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom? Remind yourself that all is Maya — and make the reminder stick! Here are a few ideas:

  • Lotus pose silhouette
  • Om symbol
  • Buddha statue sticker

33. Fitness and workout motivation

Not just for fitness coaches, these stickers can mix a little fun with a little inspiration in a memorable way. Couple of ideas for you:

  • Dumbbell illustration with "I feel stronger already" text
  • "Sweat is Just Fat Crying" quote with funny graphic

34. Sports team logos and mascots

sports logo stickers

Showcase your affiliations in the world of sports!

  • New York Yankees logo
  • Chicago Bulls mascot

35. Activism slogans

If you're fighting the good fight with your deeds, why not do it with your words too? Stickers are the perfect channel for that. Proclaim your dedication to your preferred favorite social causes with things like:

  • "Build Back Better" car sticker
  • "Come and take it" window decal

36. Superheroes and comic book characters

The Man of Steel, the Caped Crusader, or any other superhero can be a big source of inspiration — and a fun way to remind yourself of your heroic potential. Try something like:

  • Spider-Man pointing graphic
  • Wonder Woman emblem
  • Batman with "My Superpower: I'm Rich" text

37. Street art and graffiti-inspired designs

Street art can be a big source of design inspiration — some companies even have logos made after them. So try your hand at that with:

  • Banksy-inspired stencil art
  • Colorful graffiti tag

38. Mythical creatures and fantasy themes

custom mythical creatures fantasy stickers

Add a touch of fantasy to your laptop, phone, or water flask. Ideas are plentiful:

  • Dragon illustration
  • Mermaid silhouette
  • Gollum "My Precious" sticker

39. Cultural and heritage symbols

Whether it's your true ancestry or a heritage symbol you'd be proud to be a part of, the world of heraldry and ancient symbolism has plenty to offer. You could start with:

  • Celtic knot design
  • Hamsa hand symbol

40. Personalized and customizable name stickers

Create decorated name stickers — your name or someone else's. Get creative with our online Studio app and flaunt that name! Try:

  • Name with a floral background
  • Name in a script font with a geometric pattern

And there you have it

That's 40 ideas to get you started in (or help you further explore) the fun world of stickers. We hope you'll find one that inspires you to create your own custom stickers — and have them printed on Sticker Mule.

So what are you waiting for? List your favorite ones and get to work designin' and printin'!

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