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Convert any image to vector with Redraw

Jeremy Wick द्वारा इस को पोस्ट किया गया

Redraw is a brand new service that upgrades any image into a high resolution vector format.

Have you ever had an image that was too small, too blurry, or too pixelated to do anything useful with it? With Redraw you can convert your low quality artwork into an infinitely scalable vector graphic.

What is a vector graphic?

There are 2 types of digital artwork: raster and vector.

Raster images are made up of a bunch of tiny pixels. As you enlarge a raster image, the pixels begin to be noticeable causing the image to appear pixelated.

Meanwhile, vector images are made from mathematical paths. As you enlarge a vector image, the shapes and colors never lose their clarity.

This makes vector images an ideal format for web or print.

How does Redraw work?

Redraw works with all types of images: logos, illustrations, and even photos. Each Redraw can be ordered for a flat rate of $14, regardless of the difficulty.

Simply upload your artwork and checkout. Within a few hours we’ll send a proof showing how your new artwork will look. You can request changes to the proof for free until you’re happy (or cancel if you’re not happy).

Upon approval, your artwork will be available to download. You can also use the artwork to order custom stickers, magnets, and more.

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