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Creating weatherproof labels for your products

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Labels are much more than stickers used to identify products and packaging.

Designed with aesthetics in mind, they look attractive and appealing. If used on products at point of sale, they can play a major role in attracting the attention of shoppers and persuading them to buy.

Why is label design important?

A wide variety of types of labels are commonly used as a vehicle for branding, and they can be a very effective vehicle too! Branding defines your products and prompts customers to choose them over other similar products, even if yours are more expensive. It is more than just the name of one product. It’s an identity!

Labels are used to identify what products are and what packaging contains – often at a glance – with just a name and single-sentence description. Whether in the form of a wrapper, a box, or some other type of container, it’s a form of packaging.

When goods are shipped, another layer of tough packaging is commonly used to protect the product. A label designed for this will typically include the name of the person the goods are being shipped to, for identification, and might incorporate the name of the product and manufacturer, and a definitive logo. Labels are also used to display information about products. Typically they display the ingredients, measurements and/or quantities, directions for use, any cautionary (or hazard) details, and the manufacturer’s contact information. If there is a trademark, it will also be shown on the label.

When designed for the packaging that contains a product for shipping, there may be less information on labels, but the information presented plays a vital role in terms of identification. If the packaging contains the product at point of sale, there will likely be more information as well as all important branding.

Wherever they are going to be used, you need to create designs that are fit for purpose, and labels that will withstand wear and tear when products are being transported, displayed, or when they are in use. This is why weatherproof labels and waterproof stickers are so popular.

Why should you use weatherproof labels?

Many factors need to be considered when creating designs and labels for products. The primary function of the label and its intended use is paramount.

For instance, if the label is for liquid or semiliquid products including drinks, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, and hand soap, or they contain oil or chemicals, then it’s a good idea to make waterproof stickers that will withstand drips, spills, and moisture. If products or packaging are likely to be used or even stored outdoors, even undercover, waterproof stickers are a must.

Even products that are used inside, whether in homes, factories, or offices, will benefit from weatherproof labels that last longer and are considerably stronger and resistant to scratching and fading than run-of-the-mill paper labels.

Thick, scratch-resistant vinyl is an ideal material for weatherproof stickers and labels, especially those manufactured with a heat-proof adhesive that will resist rain, dirt, and sunshine.

High-quality vinyl stickers are printed with inks that ensure they are weatherproof and can stand the test of washing.

They can be printed and cut to your exact specifications and used on a multitude of different surfaces.

Waterproof labels can also be cut to size and in just about any shape. The preferred material is durable biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP), a type of plastic film that is stretched in two directions when it is produced to improve its flexibility and strength.

Available as an opaque or transparent material, BOPP is considerably thinner than vinyl and it can be printed using chemical or water-based inks. Tough and incredibly long-lasting, it is resistant to water and most chemicals and it withstands UV light so it doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight.

Shapes and sizes of waterproof labels

Designing weatherproof labels for your products can be an enormous challenge, partly because there is so much choice.

Before you even work out what should be included on the labels in terms of a logo, images, and wording, you need to decide on shape, size, and colors, if any, that will be used.

The most common shapes are square, rectangular, oval, or perfectly round. But custom weatherproof and waterproof labels and stickers can also be die-cut to the exact shape of a unique design. This adds interest and character and makes a product, whether in a bottle, can, sachet, tube, or box, stand out from its competition on the shelf or in print.

The size will be determined by the product (or container) you are labeling as well as the sizes your supplier manufactures. They could be as tiny as 25 mm x 25 mm (1 in x 1 in) or as big as 254 mm x 254 mm (10 in x 10 in) or more, depending entirely on the item you are sticking the label onto. Most, including die-cut labels and stickers, come on a roll.

Of course, size will also be affected by the volume of information that needs to be incorporated. Sometimes it’s necessary to compromise, and you might decide to put more info on the packaging than on the product itself. Alternatively, you might choose to add an insert with the packaged product.

Colors used for weatherproof labels and stickers

Whether you opt for thick vinyl weatherproof labels or high-quality, ultra-tough waterproof labels, your color options are virtually limitless. But colors are often determined by branding requirements, typically starting with a logo. At the same time, branding is much more than a color and/or logo. It has to do with the company mission and vision, and whatever it is you and your products stand for. It communicates your commitment to providing a consistent product or products that your customers can rely on.

Branding is what helps to grow a business and a brand or brands within the business. Color elicits emotions and you can use it to evoke different responses in people.

This is why it’s important to choose colors carefully, and wisely, when you make waterproof stickers and labels.

As a rule of thumb, less is usually more, and if you choose a color theme for your business, you can run this right through your entire product range, even if the products and their labels are quite different from one another.

Opaque vs. transparent product labels

Remember that you can design and make waterproof stickers from an opaque or transparent material. This choice will also affect the colors you decide to use on your labels as will the surface that the labels will be stuck to.

For instance, if you’re labeling a product in a glass jar or plastic bottle, an opaque label or sticker will hide whatever is in the container. But if you opt for a transparent label, the color of whatever is in the container will show through. So you’ll need to take this into account.


How do you choose the best weatherproof and waterproof labels for your products?

When you create and make waterproof stickers or weatherproof labels you want a product you can rely on that will withstand wear and tear and, depending on circumstance, also the harsh elements of nature.

Sticker Mule manufactures thick, hardy, vinyl labels and stickers that are oil and scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe. (Yep you read that right! You’re getting it straight from the Mule’s mouth!)

Our waterproof labels are from high-quality BOPP material that won’t tear or fade! It is also resistant to fading and exposure to water. Did we mention it is dishwasher safe? (Even automatic ones!)

How do you order weatherproof labels?

Step 1: Submit your design! Don’t forget all the pointers we mentioned above!

Step 2: Get a quote online according to the size and quantities you want to order.

Step 3: Patiently await your free online proof to check how it turns out. You can continue to make changes to your design until you’re happy with the labels you have ordered.

Sticker Mule also ships worldwide for free. Once you’ve ordered, you’ll get an estimated date of delivery which will depend on where you are in the world. And then you can get sticking!

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