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Introducing Sticker Mule Europe

Anthony Constantino द्वारा इस को पोस्ट किया गया

Sticker Mule Europe

Our European factory is open for business. Along with it, we have many improvements for our European customers, including:

Faster turnaround It's only 2 days transit time for most European countries.

Free shipping Shipping is now free for all European countries.

VAT support Eligible businesses automatically have the VAT removed during checkout.

Local currencies Order using GBP or Euro depending on your preference.

Multi-lingual content We translated the majority of our content to 5 languages.

Local customer service We hired our first European customer service agents and began offering multi-lingual support.

During checkout, we automatically determine if your order will be manufactured in Europe and offer applicable shipping options. Your order must only include products that we make in Europe to ship from Europe.

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