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Custom wall decals & stickers for kid's room

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Decorating children’s rooms can sometimes be more demanding than tackling the interior design of adult rooms. Children grow up so quickly, and their likes and dislikes change so rapidly! No wonder it’s a major challenge to create a room that will grow with them!

But instead of looking at a long-term plan that will work through childhood, and trying to make the time, effort, and money spent worthwhile, how about reconsidering your options? Choose an easy, safe, and economical decorating option that you can change with minimal effort.

If you’re stuck for inspiration... How about stickers?

Why use stickers as wall decals for children’s rooms?

Back in the day, kids used to love sticker books – collecting lots and lots of themed, colorful stickers, and filling up the empty spaces.

Today, stickers have evolved and developed, and literally come of age! Stickers and decals now have a multitude of uses, and they have become a powerful decorating tool for children’s rooms. As a result, more and more people are using them as a cheaper, easier, and more effective option than paint, stenciling, wallpaper, or other more traditional decorating tools.

They have also become a decorating tool that you can use to involve your kids so that they are part of the process.

How do you use stickers as decorating tools for children’s rooms?

Wall stickers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Made from some sort of self-adhesive fabric, they can be used in a multitude of ways to add color and character to rooms.

Better still, custom stickers make it possible for creative parents to design amazing rooms for their kiddies. Less creative parents can come up with an idea and get help from specialist companies that manufacture quality products. Either way, you’re going to get something that adds a unique decorating touch to the room.

Whatever you have planned, wall stickers for kids’ rooms open up possibilities beyond most people’s imaginations.

The options available for décor use today are awesome!

First of all, wall stickers and decals can be designed to look like posters. For instance, custom stickers for children’s rooms can be a standard poster size – 24 inches x 36 inches (610 mm x 910 mm). Or they can be bigger, up to 96 inches wide by 56 inches high (2.5 m x 1.5 m). That’s big, and it can make a statement and add character to any boy or girl’s room.

The possibilities are endless! You can print out a shape, a tree, a face, a car, a doll’s house, or maybe a horse, a dog, or a cat!

Just be sure to choose good quality wall stickers and decals for kids rooms. Top-quality vinyl and fabric-like material last the longest. Some high-quality designs can be reused though they might not be quite as sticky the second time around.

How do you use stickers to create a theme in children’s rooms?

Whatever design medium you decide to use for your children’s rooms, a theme of some sort will add impact and character.

If your kids are very young, you can decide on the theme, but if they are older, consider asking for their input. After all, they are going to be the ones waking up or going to sleep in the environment you are creating.

Theme options are vast and varied. Here are some ideas:

  • Trees and forests are popular themes. You can start out with one or more tree wall stickers, depending on the effect you want to create. Opt for one type of tree or mix two or three designs. Add flowers to the branches or stick butterflies, birds, and/or bees around the tree wall stickers. Introduce a few leafy pot plants to add interest and life to the room.

  • Flowers can be used on their own, to create the effect of a flower garden, or flower wall stickers can be used to form a border around the room, just below the ceiling or at dado height. You could make the theme a fairy garden, creating a little extra magic in the room. If you have flowers in your garden, get your kids to pick some now and then and have a vase of flowers in the bedroom too.

  • Cat and dog wall stickers are also popular with children, and again, the possibilities are endless. If your son or daughter has a special pet, you could have a custom sticker made that is life-size or even larger than life – depending of course on the size of the animal. Dog wall art stickers can be used on their own or you can add balls or paw prints. You might prefer to have a silhouette of two or three cats, perhaps playing with birds or just sleeping.


  • Teddy bears are another wildly versatile option. You could have one big teddy above your child’s cot or bed, or a line of them matched with a real teddy collection. Or what about a teddy bears’ picnic? You could use kids’ cartoon wall stickers for the bears and combine them with tree wall stickers. Or have a big custom bear wall sticker made and stick it up with a few pots of honey and lots of bumblebees.

  • If your kid likes sports, you can also redecorate featuring their team and the sporting heroes they adore. For example, football wall stickers range from action designs to balls and shirts. You could have silhouette figures dribbling or kicking balls, or real-life football stars. You could frame your kid’s first football shirt and have action stickers all around it. Or if they’re into martial arts, make judo or karate the theme with one or more martial arts wall stickers on a feature wall, perhaps with your child’s name in vinyl lettering above the stickers.

  • Cars and trucks and motorbikes are also one of the more popular children’s rooms themes. Make the theme more definitive by focusing on racing cars or race track stickers and decals. If they’re collecting hot wheels or any other racing car toys, include them in the decor by having them on display.

Whether the idea of flower wall decals, kids cartoon wall stickers, or any other wall stickers and decals appeal to you, you need stickers that are durable. If you’re going with custom wall stickers, Sticker Mule works from photographs or any type of artwork. You’ll get free online proofs and free worldwide shipping.

Our wall decals are what children’s room designers love to use so try it for yourself!

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