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Mule Sauce Mule Sauce

Hot sauce that kicks ass.

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Incredible taste.

It starts out with a unique, subtle sweetness, dying to find out what’s next. Then, slowly but delightfully, it eases in with a sharp kick that turns a dish of any value into a delectable masterpiece, astonishing the most critical taste buds.

We use a blend of the finest, highest grade chillies, grown in the mountains of New Zealand.



Deeply ingrained in Mexican culture, habanero has a citrus-like flavor, flowery aroma and plenty of heat.

Yellow scotch bonnet

Yellow scotch bonnet

A Carribbean and Central American native, with similar heat to habanero, and with a sweet and fruity flavor.

Bhut jolokia

Bhut jolokia

The world’s hottest pepper is also the most delicious. We use a touch to add kick and unmatched flavor.

Watch how it happened

Make any dish kick ass.

Turn a hot dog into the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten. Make a cheap meal into a luxury dish. Enhance any meat, fish or pasta with a taste that will impress all of your friends.

Easy peel top
Thin, not watery, consistency
Slow drip
A little goes a long way

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It Hee's my Haw

This is the second bottle I've ordered! My husband is a huge pepperhead, with a vast collection of Hot Sauces, and Mule Sauce is one of his top favorites! Here's why: it's made with actual peppers, no nasty extract - and it has a unique, sweet flavor which truly sets it apart from other sauces. I've been slowly building my heat tolerance, and yes it's spicy for an average person like me....but ... Read more

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Tasty but too sweet

As much as I love this company and its products, the sauce fell short of my expectations. It's a blend of sweet & heat, but the sweet definitely outweighs the heat. I've had the sauce for a week now and have tried it on almost everything I've eaten. It tastes great on eggs, mac & cheese and steak. I'd love for Stickermule to continue with their sauces and try other flavors. Next time, let's do ... Read more

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Surprisingly good hot sauces

Ordered this hot sauce because I found it amusing that a sticker company was selling hot sauce. We decided to organize a "Taco Tuesday" with two teams in the office to try out the Mule Sauce. It got a thumbs up from all of the hot sauce enthusiasts on the teams participating.

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Never knew I could feel this way about hot sauce

Amazing hot sauce! Has heat, has flavor, has a nice after taste. They were right, this hot sauce is awesome!! I bought two and now I'm hooked! Thank you!!

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Very nice hot sauce!

Not too hot and not tame. I really enjoy the flavor of these pepper blends!

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