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Quickly create custom packaging

Sticker Mule is leading the revolution from boring, blank packaging to custom packaging that gets your brand free attention while your packages travel in style. Cost-effectively brand your boxes with custom packaging tape, stylishly ship t-shirts in our poly mailers and use our custom bubble mailers to protect your fragile items. Whether you ship 50 or 500,000 packages, Sticker Mule will be your favorite custom packaging supplier.

Leading the custom packaging revolution

Brands all over the world are migrating from blank to custom packaging. Custom packaging gets you free brand awareness every time you ship a package. Whether you need custom tape, poly mailers or bubble mailers, working with Sticker Mule makes it fast & easy to cost-effectively upgrade to custom packaging that grows your brand.

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  • MM
    Mar Moya

    Muy lindos y buena calidad. Quedaron tal como los queria.

  • DJ
    Doni Johnson

    I misinterpreted the size but I love the manner in which they were creaated.

  • M. Curtis McCoy

    Always satisfied with the quality of items from Sticker Mule!

  • TR
    Theresa Ritter

    Quick easy way to add a little fun to your shipments!

  • BS
    Barb Schreader

    These are beyond perfect. Our logo looks great on the back of the bag. I can't wait to see how much I can get into the bags. I may have to order a size up, or 2 sizes up.

Frequently asked questions


Yes! It’s not just what’s inside that counts. Custom packaging is an opportunity to add eye-catching elements to your shipments and enhance your customers' experience.

Adding your unique design to custom poly mailers, custom bubble mailers, and custom packaging tape, protects and personalizes every item you ship.

Including your logo on packaging builds brand awareness and makes a memorable impression on its journey to your customer’s door. Not a business? Make holidays, birthdays, or any event extra special by adding a custom design to your gift’s packaging.

Check out our variety of options and sizes to find the perfect custom packaging for your product!

a variety of custom packaging tape, custom bubble mailers and custom poly mailers

All of our custom packaging products help you boost your brand and protect your products wherever you send your shipments.

Custom packaging tape adds style to bland boxes while keeping their contents secure with reinforced kraft paper. The water-activated tape creates a strong bond so you can quickly seal and send it.

Custom poly-mailers offer a sleek way to ship your soft goods. They’re made from a tearproof and weather-resistant material that is lightweight and easy to ship, so you can save costs while sending products in style.

Custom bubble mailers are perfect for protecting more delicate items. Their thick bubble lining, wide mouth, and tear-resistant material means you can ship your products without worrying about damage.

Our label dispensers are stylish, fast, and easy to use. They’re ideal for large-scale labeling operations. The automatic label dispensing does the work for you, saving you time and frustration.

picture of custom packaging tape, custom poly mailers, and custom bubble mailers

Our custom packaging products are highly durable and designed to withstand shipping and travel.

Water-activated custom packaging tape is designed to create a strong bond to boxes. Made from gummed kraft paper and reinforced with fiberglass, it offers a tamper-resistant way to seal your shipments.

Custom poly mailers are made from a lightweight yet durable polypropylene material that is tear-proof and weather resistant. They feature a self-sealing adhesive that keeps your products secure.

Custom bubble mailers feature a strong and sturdy polyethylene exterior that is tear resistant and weatherproof. The self-sealing adhesive holds strong, ensuring your packages arrive safely.

Custom poly mailers are lightweight, lay flat, and are ideal for:

  • Soft goods
  • Apparel
  • Hats, beanies, t-shirts, socks
  • Plushies and pet toys
  • Phone accessories
  • Nutritional supplements

Custom bubble mailers have a wide mouth and extra padding, making them great for:

  • Books
  • Picture frames
  • Jewelry
  • Small electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Notebooks and art supplies

Custom packaging tape is made from reinforced, gummed kraft paper that securely adheres to cardboard boxes. The tape can be cut to accommodate any size box and is ideal for packages that are 35 pounds or less.

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