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Hot sauce that kicks ass.

The best everyday hot sauce with a unique sweet heat that makes your recipes kick ass.

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Mule Sauce bottle

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Everyday hot sauce

Everyday hot sauce

Our hot sauce pairs well with anything and adds almost 0 calories.

Incredible sweet heat

Incredible sweet heat

The perfect balance of sweet and spicy, measuring 3/5 in heat intensity.

Peppers of the gods

Peppers of the gods

We use a perfect blend of habanero, scotch bonnet, and ghost peppers.

Why Mule Sauce?

Make any dish kick ass.

Turn a hot dog into the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten. Make a cheap meal into a luxury dish. Enhance any meat, fish or pasta with a taste that will impress all of your friends.

Easy peel top
Thin, not watery, consistency
Slow drip
A little goes a long way

Reviews for mule sauce

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Surprisingly Amazing.

Conner Herbison

If you’re on the fence about letting them send this to you. Do it. It’s really good hot sauce.

user avatar

Arguably 1 of the best hot sauces

Trevor Jones

I've tried all the hot sauces from Hot Ones and this one is simply the tastiest without being way too damn hot! Good job team! Nobody believes me when I say the best hot sauce comes from a sticker company!

user avatar

Quirky yet cool promotional item from Stickermule

Josh Meredith

I like this sauce. We've got all the typical hot sauces in the refrigerators at home and work, yet Mule Sauce is almost always what I use. And as a frequent Sticker Mule customer, I've got bottles of it coming out of my ears. Which is fine, because as a fan of the sauce, this is how I ensure a steady supply. I'm well stocked at home and work. In fact I have enough of it to give bottles ... Read more

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Mule Sauce Kicks!

Veterans Assistance Commission of Vermilion County

Very nice blend of peppers. A little goes a long way, and we like to spice up our foods.

user avatar

My husband's favorite!

The Type Set Co.

He literally looks for the stickermule packages to arrive when he's low on hot sauce. This is his favorite!

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Renowned pizza chef and Director of Hospitality at Sticker Mule, Vinny committed decades of work crafting the world’s finest dishes. Now, he reveals his creations and how Mule Sauce is the perfect complement.


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Grandma's handmade broccoli pizza recipe, but with an extra tasty kick.

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Frog Legs

Lightly breaded frog legs, with a kick that will make them jump out of the pan!

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Spinach Frittata

A spicy combo of eggs and spinach, for a quick meal anytime of the day.

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