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Branded packing tape vs. regular packing tape

Geplaatst door Jeremy Wick

Custom packing tape is the best kept secret of the Internet’s smartest retailers. It gets your brand exposure while your shipments are in transit, improves deliverability by making your packages more noticeable when delivered and reinforces your brand so customers are more likely to reorder. This is why retailers that switch to using custom tape rarely change back.

Yet many businesses are still relying on clear unbranded tape.

Visually, the difference between a box using branded packing tape and and a box using unbranded tape is obvious. And you might expect to pay a hefty premium for switching to custom tape. But the cost difference is less than you’d expect.

Let’s break it down.

Cost per roll of packing tape

You can get a roll of custom packing tape from Sticker Mule for between $24 and $39 (depending on the quantity).

While a roll of standard clear packing tape only costs around $2.25.

That’s a big difference. However, at 3,600 inches, a roll of Sticker Mule custom packing tape is 4.5 times longer than a standard 800 inch roll of clear packing tape.

That puts the price per foot at:

  • Custom packing tape = $0.08 - $0.13
  • Standard packing tape = $0.03

Cost per package

When using custom packing tape from Sticker Mule, 1 pass of tape is all you need to securely seal your box. Our tape is water-activated which allows it to quickly create a strong bond to your package once applied.

When using standard clear packing tape, 2 or 3 passes are usually necessary to seal your box. And even with multiple strips of standard packing tape, boxes are still more susceptible to theft.

For a box that is 12 inches long, you’d want to include an extra 3 inches on each side for both the top and bottom with each strip of tape. That puts the length of tape needed for a 12-inch box at roughly:

  • Custom packing tape - 36 inches
  • Standard packing tape - 108 inches

If we take our cost per foot numbers from above, we can calculate the cost of tape per package at:

  • Custom packing tape = $0.24 - 0.39
  • Standard packing tape = $0.27

This means it only costs between nothing and $0.12 extra per box to create branded packaging.

But there is still one more important factor to consider…

Cost of time

Since Sticker Mule’s custom packaging tape is water activated, we include a sponge with every order. If you’re only shipping a few boxes at a time, there won’t be a noticeable difference in the time it takes to seal a box with either type of packaging tape.

But if you’re shipping larger quantities, a water activated tape dispenser can cut the time it takes to seal your boxes in half. This does require an upfront investment of around $400 - $1,300, but it quickly pays for itself the more you ship.

And when you are shipping larger quantities, you can order custom packaging tape from Sticker Mule for as little as $24 per roll when buying in bulk.

In fact, most companies shipping 100 or more packages per day could actually save money by using Sticker Mule’s custom packaging tape, compared to clear packing tape.

Grow your business with branded packing tape

If you want to improve your brand exposure and your package deliverability, while saving time and money, try custom packing tape for your packaging.

Custom packing tape applied to box

See for yourself the difference custom packing tape can make for your business.

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