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Why kiss cut stickers are better than back slit

Geplaatst door Jeremy Wick op

We sometimes receive requests for back slit stickers (or crack and peel stickers). In the video below, Vinny explains why we don’t sell them and instead recommend kiss cut stickers.

Why we don’t sell back slit stickers

Back slit stickers bend

Back slit stickers bend at the slit, adding an unwanted crease in your sticker. This crease gets worse with time.

Back slit collects debris

Back slit stickers collect dust and dirt at the seam of the back slit, causing stickers to lose their stickiness.

Kiss cut stickers are better

Kiss cut stickers can be cut to any shape. We use special blades that allow you to easily peel away your sticker from the paper backing. Meanwhile, the sticker backing itself can contain extra information or design elements.

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