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  • SM

    Great work, exactly what I wanted!

  • S

    Better quality and attitude can be found elsewhere 👍

  • C

    Your words will stick longer than your product

  • R

    This company is so unprofessional and then some. I loved using this company to get low quantity stickers and decals at a reasonable cost. I've been happy with every order, but receiving a text followed by an email the next day regarding the co-founders personal political beliefs and then encroaching on customers is beyond absurd and unprofessional. Finding a lot more about this company that I woul...

  • PV
    Patrick B (Vibetality)

    Today I received an email from them promoting Trump support merchandise and telling me I should be buying it. I find it highly inappropriate and unprofessional for a company to impose political views on its customers. This has greatly diminished my trust and respect for Sticker Mule. I believe businesses should focus on providing quality products and services without delving into divisive politica...

  • PV
    Patrick B (Vibetality)

    I bought stickers and started receiving emails from the CEO that I should be buying his Trump Support garbage. This is a bad company, with terrible leadership.

  • Journey On

    I'm very grateful to the designer who reviewed my proof. They made some logical changes that allowed me to get a design that worked!

  • XBOLTSx86X

    Perfect like I want !!

  • Theo Kal

    I am a regular client because whatever I have printed is excellent!

  • CC
    Cammi Collins

    good job