Avaliações de autocolantes para parachoques

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  • Roberta A. Cumberworth

    This is my question to all I encounter! Sticker Mule has done an excellent job recreating this subtle little bumper sticker. What a wonderful job they ALWAYS do...

  • Wizard

    Super pleased with how these turned out. Not too overwhelming, and yet, just right. They look great on the vehicle.

  • N. Brad Lambert

    The stickers came out perfect and easy to peel off unlike smaller circle stickers but no real complaints. They are good quality, easy to peel off and look great! I'll be ordering again.

  • R. Zachary Williams, Esq.

    These babies were built to last. People with tractors to slap them on will be thrilled. Thanks!

  • Occupy Wallets

    I was a little disappointed that one of my ten stickers had abrasions on the surface which I consider damaged product... the rest look great but 10% damaged is sort of not cool... Not sure if I can handle 10% loss on bigger order

  • SecuraStock

    We only received 1 sample not the whole quantity of 20 we ordered

  • Jacob Davidson

    I use these for my YouTube channel and absolutely love them!

  • Lela

    These bumper stickers turned out great! I love the colors and I can't wait to get one on my vehicle.

  • Brad

    And we saved money with the die cut. Thanks!


    Very durable and nice colors, price is just right, and delivery was very quick!