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  • MD
    Melisa Dorta

    My husband and I love hot sauce and we were like let's give this one a try since it came with the order. Even when we looked at the ingredients our faces were surprised the entire time LOL as we know our hot sauces. This hot sauce has almost every hot pepper that we love and The taste to be honest with you is crazy good! What a great job we were truly surprised and are not mad at that. Awesome hot...

  • SA
    Serge Albagnac

    I need to try it again with chicken wings to be able to discover the perfumes. For the hot, I already found it and yes, it is hot.

  • Peicha Chang

    I love ordering from Sticker Mule, and their Mule Sauce is part of the reason. Sadly, the sauce wasn't packed in the box this time around. But, I'll be ordering again soon, so hopefully it won't get left behind next time!

  • Nijal Wheeler

    I used to work at a skateshop and when we got our stickers there would be a bottle of sauce stashed inside the order. I was always first to swoop it and now that I don't work there I have to order 12 bottles at a time. I have gifted it to most of my friends and family and even some clients. Thanks for making good sauce!!!

  • Handel Humphrey

    Sticker mule provides service even on sundays, fast and caring service with quality product. cant go wrong with them.

  • N

    When it comes to hot sauce, it's easy to stick to the tried-and-true brands that have been around for ages. So, when I stumbled upon Mule Sauce by Sticker Mule, I have to admit, my expectations were low. A sticker company branching out into the world of hot sauce seemed like a stretch. However, one taste of this unique concoction quickly shattered any doubts I had. Mule Sauce boldly boasts a "uni...

  • david hemmings

    I was surprised how much I loved this sauce

  • MP
    Minuteman Press

    Thanks for including this in the boxes, it really lights up our day!

  • AM
    Aubrey Mai



    I got their free hot sauce for ordering over $100. Then this rare Jersey Quake knocked off it off the shelf!