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  • Theresa Whitelock

    Saves me so much time labeling all of my packaging containers. Easy to set up & easy to use!

  • Evan

    I’ve had this piece of junk since December 2022, spin six months and I have yet to get it to work correctly. Customer service tries but only gives you one step at a time. This machine was a great idea, but it’s not worth the time or effort you need to put into it to get it to work.

  • Simon Tomlinson

    This looks great but doesn’t work as described. Also the company won’t issue return details. Quick to take the money but lack of communication when trying to return anything.

  • Rodrigo

    I'm very happy with this purchase. Great quality and this will save me some time. I did not have any problem setting it up, the quick instruction is very clear. Thank you!

  • Dan Smith

    doesn't work on your labels

  • Matt Carra

    Took a little time to get use to using it but once I did it saves so much time when applying lots of stickers to items.

  • Alan Vouk

    reliable - rarely stops working. a little challenging to setup initially - but look for videos and then it should be easier.

  • Penny Elmore

    Had this for a while. Have yet to get it to work. It turns on but that is all it does :(

  • Mandy Wilbur

    doesn't work well. not sure we like it

  • Justin Hughes

    I've spent more time getting this to work properly than I like to admit. it worked for about a week then when I came into the office one day to make some shipments it just stopped all together. I tried defending this purchase to my wife but after all the issues it's just not worth the price. their stickers and tape are great but this machine is the biggest problem with my shipping process at the m...